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Pick me up fic recs!

As people who know me probably realise I'm someone who generally prefers angsty or gritty fics but there are days that isn't true.... I collected this list of 'pick me up' fics, fics which I consider purely feel good, the kind of thing I want to read on a bad day- all are short, fluffy, funny and guaranteed to warm the heart. Since Sherlock fandom seems to have had a bit of a rough time these past few days I thought it might be a pertinent time to post them. You will be happier after reading these fics, or your money back*.

They are mostly Sherlock/John, with a little gen featuring Sherlock and John, Sherlock and Mycroft and the Sherlock cast as a whole.

Inroads by emungere

Summary: Written for this prompt: "I've seen lots of mention of Sherlock's skin being cold, so I wanted to prompt the opposite. Sherlock is one of those people who is always exceptionally warm, constantly emitting body heat. (My friends and I call these sorts of people personal or living heaters.) The reason Sherlock always wears his coat is that he doesn't want people touching him for or stealing his heat. One particularly cold night, as he and John are watching a movie, John falls asleep and unconsciously moves to cuddle the nearest source of warmth, aka Sherlock. Adorable fluff ensues."

Reccer's Note: emungere writes so beautifully and this is just a lovely concept!

and stand there at the edge of my affectionby coloredink

Summary: "You've written love letters," Sherlock asserted.

Reccer's Note: A lovely short romantic piece, with John's wry amusing narrative style buoying it up

Seventeen Letters by out_there

Summary: "I love Sherlock," John says out loud, testing how the words feel in his mouth. It doesn't change anything. Sherlock's still the pillock who fiddled with his computer password.

Reccer's Note: Sherlock and John figuring out their feelings for each other in their own particular way.

Ducks All in a Row by kirstenlouise

Summary: At eight years old, Sherlock Holmes had already chosen his future spouse.

Reccer's Note: A lovely sweet look into Sherlock & Mycroft as kids.

Battle of Bakerloo by bendingsignpost

Summary: The change had occurred, John had accepted it, and when Sherlock had asked, “You don’t mind, do you?”, John had answered, “No, of course not.”

Reccer's Note: Sherlock being imperiously cuddly! I don't think I need to say more.

Fidgety by bakerstdivision

Summary: Original Prompt - All the little fidgety habits people have when they're thinking really hard--tapping your fingers on your knee, tugging at your earlobe, fiddling with your hair--Sherlock has them, but he does them to John. Bonus points if he does it in front of Lestrade and team.

Reccer's Note: Similar theme to the above fic! I particularly love Lestrade in this.

Elementary by wafflestories

Summary: This story was inspired by a great drawing I saw on dA and promptly lost the link to, but in any case, I don't think a bit more warm-fuzzy kid!fic can do this fandom much harm, no? Comments muchly appreciated!

Reccer's Note: A gorgeously written piece about Sherlock and John meeting as children.

Enduring, Quiet and Calm by thesardine

Summary: At 2:37 AM, a feverish Sherlock decides to prepare a "romantic" dinner for John.

Reccer's Note: Sick Sherlock tries to do something sweet for John. What's not to like?

Bedtime Stories by unovis

Summary: Sherlock had read the books. He thought they were compulsory.
AO3 repost of a story from March 2011.

Reccer's Note: There's a slight bittersweetness to this story, with implications of a less than ideal childhood for John... nevertheless this story of Sherlock discovering a gap in his friend's education and attempting to fill it and help him sleep is heartwarming and very funny.

Worth a Thousand Words by tiltedsyllogism

Summary: Pictionary with Sherlock, what could possibly go wrong?

Reccer's Note: A 221b - short, sweet and cute ensemble piece. Sherlock and the gang playing pictionary.

Part of the Family by flawedamythyst

Summary: John and Sherlock take baby Watson out for the day. Friendship fluff with added baby.

Reccer's Note: I'm not terribly enthused by the prospect of baby Watson as an addition to the series but this fic reassurred by that Sherlock and John could be their same enjoyable and lovable selves with a baby in tow.

Advent by flawedamythyst

Summary:John and Sherlock prepare for Christmas.

Every day in December up until Christmas, I tweeted a few sentences of fic a day as a sort of advent calendar to my followers. This is it all compiled and tidied up a bit, but if some of it seems a bit oddly phrased, it's because I was coming up against the character limit.

Huge thanks to both Trillsabells and Jupiter_ash for compiling it, and proving that they have a hivemind.

Reccer's Note: I love Christmas fic, and this is a gorgeous feel good one.

If on a Winter's Day a Detective by frozen_delight

Summary: Sherlock has a new assistant. Lestrade may never recover.

Reccer's Note: Anthea gives the Scotland Yarder's a run for their money when she joins Sherlock on a case. Witty, sharp and just a lot of fun.

Auto-correct by stupid_drawings

Summary Inspired by, John is having issues with his phone.

Reccer's Note: If you enjoy technologically inept John as much as I do, this fic will give you life.

Self Portrait by aheadofthecurve

Summary: Utterly stupid post-Reichenbach fic. Apologies for being this stupid with what was a beautiful episode. Still, we’re all set for angst, right? Starring Doncaster Lad, Ginger Geoffrey, "Not John" and the man who invented Bananagrams

Reccer's Note: This made me laugh until I cried. Cracky but in a good way, with a very endearing Sherlock keeping an eye on John in various 'disguises' during the hiatus.

*You didn't give me any money, hah!

What do you think? Do you have similar pick me up fics?
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