cherrytide (cherrytide) wrote,

WIP meme

Stolen from radialarch and dhampyresa: When you see this, share 3 random lines from 3 WIPs. (This made me realise just how many WIPs I have lurking in my folders. Self: learn to finish things!)

1. “It is just the way my mouth looks,” I said, looking away. “I’m not really laughing.”

2. Alka had always imagined them like twin trees, standing beside one another of the surface but beneath the ground, their roots tangled, drawing strength from the same source.

3. Death had never bothered Mary, but she hated to see anyone in pain. It was what had made her good at her job, once upon a time. It gave her the motivation to make things clean, to always shoot straight. Well, she thought, as they turned silently to look at the rest of the rooms, and John’s hand fell away from hers unconsciously to rest on the shape of his phone in his pocket again. Almost always.

(OK, the last one isn't really just one line, but whatever).

Hope all is going well, flist!
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