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7 line WIP meme

I was tagged by frozen_delight - the requirement is to post 7 lines from the 7th page of a WIP and then tag 7 other people to do the same. This is more an old abandoned fic than a WIP but what the hell....

Mrs Hudson stops at the corner of the street to get back her breath. There is a new ache spreading over her shoulders to the base of her neck. After the death of her older brother she developed arthritis in her fingers. The discovery of her husband’s other life had lead to a crippling ache in her hip. It was a rather fitting tribute to Sherlock’s personality that his death manifested itself as a pain in her neck.

“Mrs Hudson?” a soft voice calls out from behind her, and Mrs Hudson turns to see a young woman, standing awkwardly behind her, a nervous smile on her face.

I tag author_by_night, dioscureantwins, indybagginsazriona, donutgirl, radialarch, splix of course, no pressure if you don't feel like doing it!
Tags: fanfic
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Eeee, this is fantastic! I always love how you write Mrs Hudson.
Aww thank you! There really should be more Mrs Hudson fic out there.
Oooh I love trauma and physicality, I really like this actually, there's not enough of Mrs.Hudson's pov fic out there, and the last line makes me all curious as to what happens next, too bad you abandoned it!
Yes, it's true... I think she's a bit underserved both by fandom and sometimes by the show - I was quite annoyed by how in Season 3 the writers seemed to have demoted her to walking joke. The story was actually mainly about Molly (it was a dark!Molly fic when she manipulates an amnesiac Sherlock after the fall) but it was fun writing the Mrs H bits... maybe I'll see if I can polish them up and turn them into something else some day.
You are right about her portrayal in s3, especially the two scenes where she's with John in her kitchen always felt to me like they could have been treated better. She's an interesting woman- no reason to shut her out like that/basically put her 'on mute'! Not for John, but also not for us, the viewers, since we are invited to think of her as John does, as uninteresting, something to ignore.

And I have never read a dark!Molly goes after Sherlock fic, whoa, I'm intrigued now! I understand having wip's that will just never work, but if you can find something in there to rework into something else or even just a very short fic or such, why not!


2 years ago


2 years ago

Pity it was abandoned - I'm very intrigued by it!

I'd do this but I'm way past page 7 of the only WiP I've got going. :) Thanks for the tag!
Aww thank you!

Maybe there's a way round that.... 77th page? 777th? :P
oooh, intriguing! you've captured Mrs H very well here, in just a few lines.
Thank you! I'm really glad you think so :)
Oh, I love that line, about how Sherlock's death manifested itself as a pain in Mrs Hudson's neck, and such pain being appropriate to Sherlock. I totally agree. :)
Haha, thank you! I have to admit, I was quite proud of that line :)
I feel very honoured. Thank you. Afraid this is not for me though. Pity about abandoning the story. I love Sherlock manifesting himself as a pain in the neck. Perhaps we could...?
Thank you! Of course, these things are not everyone's cup of tea :) Yeah, perhaps I should dust this off.. or cannibalise some of it for another fic ;)
Count me among the people who LOVE this!
Thank you for saying so :D